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Our products made with love and a kind heart make your life more delicious!


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We have combined vast experience and knowledge in the production of flour and cereals. Quality comes first for us.

LLC TD "Tsaritsa" represented by the General Director Andrey Germanovich Korolev, acting on the basis of the CharterLegal address: 352140 Krasnodar Territory, M.R-N Kavkazsky, S.P. Caucasian, St. Caucasian, ter. Promzona, d. 17, room. 10 postal address: 352140, Krasnodar Territory, Kavkazsky district, st. Caucasian, Industrial zone, 17

TIN 2364014660
KPP 23 6401001
OGRN 1162364051398 / OKPO 05725699
Bank details: R / account: 407 028 107 004 700 001 22 2C/account: 30101810200000000722
Tel. (86193)23689 General Director: Andrey Germanovich Korolev

Krasnodar Territory Kavkazsky District Station Kavkazskaya Industrial Zone 17